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NetMinistry Web Presence Platform

E-Commerce Manager Overview

Everything that your website does involving financial transactions is organized and tracked through our E-Commerce Manager. Whether you're running an online store or taking secure online donations, our platform centralizes your transactions and provides you with real-time orders, shipping, and payment processing.

Your website comes with an advanced e-commerce system that allows you to take orders for your products and services through your website.

From within this area of the E-Commerce Manager, users are able to create unlimited storefronts and manage settings, inventory, categories, groups, and options for the different online storefronts.

Orders & Invoices
User can cccess and create new orders and invoices for commerce, retail, and donor transactions.

Payment Plans
Create and manage payment plans for recurring billing.

Promo Codes
Manage promotional and discount codes that provide customers with special discounts by person, group, product groupings, and more.

Payment Gateways
Process payments in real-time by adding AuthorizeNet and PayPal payment gateways to your account. These gateways can be used anywhere in our system where payments are accepted.

Affiliate Program
Create and maintain a referral program for website owners who want to make commissions for sending clients to your website.

Version 1.5 • Last Updated 4/3/2014 10:35:24 PM

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